Committee Staff

Assembly Budget Committee
State Capitol, Room 6026

Christian Griffith
Chief Consultant

Nicole Vazquez
Deputy Chief Consultant

Irene Villarruz
Lead Committee Secretary

Juan Cervantes
Committee Assistant

Marco Rodriguez
Committee Secretary

Subcommittee #1 on Health and Human Services

Andrea Margolis

Human Services:
Nicole Vazquez

Developmental Services and Rehabilitation:
Nicole Vazquez

Subcommittee #2 on Education Finance

Higher Education:
Mark Martin

K-12 Education:


Subcommittee #3 on Resources and Transportation

Natural Resources and Environmental Protection:
Susan Chan

Transportation, Energy and Cap and Trade:
Farra Bracht

Subcommittee #4 on State Administration

Revenue and Taxation and General Government:
Genevieve Morelos

General Government:
Farra Bracht

Subcommittee #5 on Public Safety

Public Safety:
Jennifer Kim

Subcommittee #6 on Budget Process, Oversight and Program Evaluation

Budget Process:
Christian Griffith

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